Pottery Production & Materials

BM Pottery Ltd offers a wide range of Outdoor Pottery. All it's products are 100% HAND MADE. From the mould to the finished product, all is done by hand.

Glazed Terra Cotta Pottery
2 clays are used in the process, one for the smoothness. Pots are stone fired at 1250oC (2250oF). This kind of pottery will suite all gardens all year. (see photos)

Red Terracotta
Called Italian Tuscan Pottery for it's white antique finish. The clay comes from the Mekong River in South Vietnam. This is the perfect pot for your plants since this gentle clay lets water evaporate and your plants will breeze better. They are fired at 900oC (1620oF), recommended to be put inside for the harsh part of the winter, though tests at minus 14oC have been conducted successfully in outdoor. (see photos)

This 100% liquid Kaolin base is used for small objects for indoor. Mainly fired at 1150oC (2070oF), this product is strictly for indoor use.

As a reminder for the health of your outdoor plant and pot, please always remember to follow the tips shown in the drawing hereunder.

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